Electro Crystal Therapy

The Electro Crystal generator emits frequencies akin to those of the healthy human bio-electric field, which are fed into a glass or plastic tube filled with quartz (silicon). When the patient holds this tube, these frequencies are sent into the body. As the body, like quartz, is piezo-electric, the echo, emitted by these frequencies within the patient's own energy field, can be scanned with a sound level meter.

These measurements give the practitioner a correct picture of imbalances within the patient's energy field. And as this field is the blueprint of the physical body, the readings gained from the scanning process determine which frequencies must be applied at the point where these imbalances occur.

The patient's blueprint is corrected by either calming down overactive or boosting underactive energy areas with appropriate frequencies.

The whole treatment, including diagnosis, is carried out while the patient is fully clothed and lasts about one hour. It is completely painless. No negative side effects have been reported to date. The only reaction to the treatment noted so far is one of relaxation to the point of sleepiness.

Electro Crystal Therapy has been known to help with every kind of disease from cancer to auto-immune disorders like ME or Lupus, MS, digestive disorders, back problems, migraine, stress, asthma, and other allergies. It speeds up healing after injury (particularly broken bones) and can act as a powerful pain reliever. 

www.electrocrystal.com (the late Harry Oldfield)