Earthbreathing: A Self Healing Therapy

A breathing technique which aims to correct imbalances in the body's bio-electric field can help to alleviate acute and chronic health conditions including auto-immune and endocrine disorders, by training human brainwave rhythms to synchronize with the Earth's natural pulse.

Devised and taught by Ingrid-Pastl Dickenson, a leading practitioner in the field of Energy Medicine, `Earthbreathing' is designed to boost physical, mental and spiritual health by performing a scientifically-based form of meditation which aims to protect the endocrine and immune system from the effects of stress and electro-magnetic pollution by activating a self-healing frequency within the brain. It also helps to delay the ageing process by stimulating the release of endorphins and the rejuvenating hormone Melatonin. The technique combines modern science with ancient spiritual teachings and can be taught individually or in small groups.

In 1952, the German scientist W.O.Schumann discovered a natural pulse resonating around our planet, beating at a frequency of 7.83 Hz (hereafter called the Schumann Resonance). Research has proved that electro-magnetic pollution can inhibit the human body's ability to synchronize with the Earth's natural magnetic pulse, thereby throttling Melatonin, a major cancer suppressant and cell-rejuvenating neurohormone produced in the brain. 

The first stage of Ingrid-Pastl Dickenson's therapy entails the detection of imbalances or health disorders in the patient's bio-electric field by scanning this field with her equipment. Ingrid teaches her patients `Earthbreathing', a technique using breath, rhythm, movement, and imagery, designed to keep the bio-electric field free of blocks and energy disturbances and to strengthen the immune system by training human brainwave rhythms to synchronize with the Earth's natural magnetic pulse.

The practice of Earthbreathing can triple the size of our bio-electric field, in other words, it will increase natural energy and stimulate the release of endorphins and Melatonin.

The aim of practising Earthbreathing is to achieve an `Optimum Biological Frequency Resonance' through the learned induction of the entrained Alpha/Theta brainwave state, which acts as a `window frequency' into accelerated healing and learning. If we practice synchronization of our brainwaves with the natural Earth Pulse, we can enter into this `window frequency' at will, any time, any place, and achieve `Optimum Biological Frequency Resonance'. The patient's progress can be checked and monitored on a Full Spectrum Brainwave Rhythm Analyser.

As the steady rise of auto-immune diseases is evidence that our immune systems are breaking down, the `Earthbreathing' technique has proved effective in the treatment of such diseases as ME and Lupus, as well as stress-related and other painful conditions. 
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